Essbase Integration Services is no longer available starting from

With the release of Oracle EPM, Integration Services has been removed from the installation package, and its capabilities are replaced with the new Essbase Studio.

This is the Oracle EIS Statement of Direction:

Oracle Essbase Integration Services is a component of the Oracle Essbase product suite and is an integration tool that allows customers to build Oracle Essbase applications from data in a relational database and text files.  Over the last several years, Oracle has invested in the development of Oracle Essbase Studio, which is the strategic, functional replacement for Essbase Integration Services (EIS).  Essbase Studio offers ease of use, as well as similar features and performance that matches or exceeds Essbase Integration Services.

Please be advised that Oracle Essbase Integration Services is the terminal (final) release of this product.  Oracle Essbase Integration Services will no longer be available as part of the Oracle Essbase product suite beginning with release; Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System Release is the last generally available release that will include Oracle Essbase Integration Services. Existing customers of Oracle Essbase Integration Services will continue to be supported per the terms of their maintenance agreements with Oracle.

Oracle recommends Oracle Essbase Studio for integration with relational databases and believes that it will be compelling for existing Essbase Integration Services customers to adopt.  Please consider this information when forming your maintenance strategy.

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