Artificial Intelligence: Handbook for Mere Mortals

We live in the technological revolution of artificial intelligence. We can now say that this is not science fiction, but neither are humanoid robots meant to replace us. Likewise, we still know very little about these technologies, even though our lives are already touched by them. That makes predicting the future very uncertain. There are those who boast about the results that will change our lives positively, and there are those who cry out about the impending doom. The fear is of what we do not know. As always, the answer lies in knowledge.

  • How do machines have vision and object recognition capabilities?
  • How do they understand human language?
  • How does ChatGPT conduct a conversation?
  • And how does an artificial intelligence create paintings, write books, and compose music?

In this text, we try to explain in an easy-to-understand way what artificial intelligence is and how it can affect our lives.
The tone of the book is deliberately playful, relaxed, and with very little technical background: this is the best way to understand together what we are dealing with.

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Paperback: https://www.amazon.com/Artificial-Intelligence-Handbook-mere-mortals/dp/B0BW3HG4WD

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